Qatar is gearing up for #FIFA2022. The spectacular event invites visitors to the country from all over the world, the event is, therefore, a great battleground for brands to showcase their might and pride to a global audience.  It is going to be full of outstanding events: exhibitions, product launches, conferences, entertainment events, and so on.

The event starts on Nov 21 and ends on Dec 18th, 2022. This winter is going to be special for all of us as much as you and at Vega events, we have opened all our possible solutions for brands and businesses to showcase their business. To get the most out of the season, you’ll need to be extremely organised. Here are some helpful hints for getting through peak season smoothly and successfully, whether you’re preparing events for clients or putting them on your own.

It’s never too early to begin strategizing — figuring out how to make your event stand out during FIFA 2022. The trick to dealing with the stress is to carefully manage your schedule, balancing follow-up on business leads with meeting existing customer requests. Vega events is expecting a hectic season ahead of FIFA 2022, our planning has started much ahead of time and we are stocking resources for the full peak season. As a complete event contractor in Doha, our work includes fabrications, installation, construction design, bespoke stands, modular stands, interior carpentry works, and a TV studio set up in Qatar.

If you are a brand or a business planning to set a stand or install an event venue, reach Vega events without a doubt. We make an extensive preparation ahead of time with a detailed master plan that would include all important milestones till the big event starts. Our professional experts will revisit your demands at regular intervals to make sure we are on the same page. Check out our exhibition stands in Doha, and event contracting plans to help you understand our scope of work. As FIFA 2022 is fast approaching, we recommend you get in touch with us at the earliest to make the best use of your time for fabrication and installation using metal and high-quality glass. Our planning and method are contingency, as we try to foresee what might go wrong.

Our successful clientele tells you our ability to organise even when our pressure is high. Making the most of all of our resources to market your brand and business using our sturdy, rigid and quality build materials. This entails entrusting some crucial tasks to dependable experts. Vega events will assist you by managing the technical parts of your project, such as setting up the venue to match your theme, including fit out, furniture, and décor.

How to ensure Vega events deliver you the best?

  • Ensure that you send out your briefs in a timely manner, detailing the size, location, accessibility, timeline, and intended usage.
  • All essential information is shared with suppliers simutaneosly. Make your communications with us clear and legit. Make clear expectations so that we can deliver you the best.
  • Maintaining open lines of contact with clients and service suppliers – Expect and give frequent updates if you check in on a regular basis.
  • Our quality assurance team will visit the venue, read all printed information, and inspect all constructed infrastructure or stands.

FIFA 2022 is the perfect season to help your business gain unprecedented mileage. Stands and temporary structures made by Vega events can help your business to stand out and market your product infront of global customers. Spend the time necessary for thorough preparation and planning to prevent the most common event planning errors. For example, failing to complete and/or install your exhibition stand on time; or failing to book early enough and not being able to find an adequate place. But with Vega event, we promise you a highly functional exhibition stand in Qatar with adequate space.

At Vega, we turn your ideas into massive reality. We excel at fabrication, construction and installation of temporary structures in Doha for big events around the globe. We can handle all of the finer points of setting up your location to your precise standards. This allows you to focus on the greater picture: providing an outstanding experience for your clients’ guests or visitors. For all of your event needs, have a look at our specialised and customizable services today.