Importance of Identifying right event contactors for Temporary Structures for FIFA 2022 in Doha

FIFA 2022 is nearing and all the event places are now in demand by international brands to display their product, services and campaigns. Once you have acquired the space, the next big thing would be creating unique spaces for you to interact with customers. FIFA 2022 is an international event and therefore, everything in and around will be catering for the needs of international participants. Identifying and contacting the right event contractor in Doha can help you create spaces that are truly astonishing.

The Veega events own one-of-a-kind modular construction systems that are used to create Temporary Event Structures in Doha for a variety of events in Qatar. Our system is made up of light RSJ beams and connectors and can be customized to any size, shape, or layout. We can build on numerous floors without the need for machinery or a plant, which cuts down on onsite construction time. Our system is the most adaptable structure available. Almost any material or production feature can be easily attached to our frames, removing the need for truss work, scaffolding, and other comparable goods.

In comparison to typical marquees and other event structures, we use a versatile technology that can fit into different kinds of needs. We offer bespoke stand in Doha and can design custom-made solutions for a variety of requirements. Veega events have an ever-expanding portfolio of temporary event structures in Doha, including temporary registration counters in sports, fashion show catwalks, interactive structures, and scaffolding stages in Qatar. We ensure that our creative team can handle any assignment or plan, and as a consequence, we’ve been able to work on some of the most exciting event-related projects to date.

Trade exhibitions in Doha, corporate events, private parties, galas, political rallies, festivals, and so much more can all benefit from our temporary event structures and overlay solutions which are going to be an essential part of the upcoming FIFA 2022. We’ve got you covered whether you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind event backdrop or structure. Here are the various services we offer at Veega Events,

Towers and Platforms

We can design unique temporary structures in Qatar using traditional scaffolding or lightweight system scaffolding without compromising on safety or functionality. We’ve got you covered whether you’re broadcasting, filming, or just watching. From hoarding and branding through design and engineering, we provide all kinds of towers for various requirements like promotions, cameras, mobile phones, observation etc.

Access Ramps

You may need to consider access at the event for the smooth transporting of humans and related resources. We design access ramps for people with disabilities, event-goers’ walkways, Temporary access for heavy items and equipment installation, Queuing system for uneven terrain. We have also designed and constructed anything from basic back-of-house systems utilizing standard tube and fitting scaffolding with key clamp handrails to carpeted access and egress with bespoke glass balustrade.

Advertisement & Scoreboards

We provide a proven solution for displaying any kind of information which is suitable for any setting, by using classic scaffolding or lightweight steel structures in Doha. Each scoreboard will be individually designed and built to match the overall aesthetics of the event.  We can also design and supply decals and graphics for freestanding scaffold structures to display important event information or advertising. This is part of our event branding service, which a lot of people use as part of a bigger project.


We take pride in our work and assure you that you will receive a high-quality carpet or vinyl, as well as a competent installation service, for both permanent or temporary structures in Doha. We provide you with umpteen number of flooring options, from carpet to vinyl, to enhance your #FIFA2020 event participation. We specialize in various types of flooring, from carpet to vinyl, to improve your exhibition or event. We provide Delta Carpets, Exhibition Carpets, Vinyl Flooring (WPC, LVT, Turf Carpets)

Our trained installers have all of the necessary knowledge and technical expertise to ensure that your floor is perfectly installed. Once the show is over, complete dismantling and removal are done. During installation, a polythene protective cover is provided as part of our futuristic commitment to environmentally friendly events in Qatar. Our temporary fencing and barriers are fully compliant with health and safety regulations, ensuring that your event attendees are adequately protected and made full provision for enjoying the event throughout.

Fencing and Barriers

Whether you need a queuing system or perimeter fencing, we can deliver you a custom solution that meets your objectives and fits your budget. Vega provides event barriers and fences as a supply-and-install or supply-only service, guaranteeing that any situation is met. Gates for pedestrians, Barriers and gates for vehicles, foot barriers, pit dividers, barricades for security professionals, and barriers for pedestrian access are all made available for you.

Vega Events specializes in the design and installation of modular temporary walls, display boards, and partitions for events, exhibits, and conferences, as well as anywhere else where more walls are required. We also cater to the needs of advertisements, VIP areas, Display stands in Doha, Sound-absorbing walls, room separators and storage areas.

The most important thing is to plan ahead of time for your initiatives. There’s always so much going on, and because the design is such a collaborative process, having a clear and well-thought-out plan will help you stay on track. Every phase, from the initial brief to delivering the final result, has its own set of challenges and concerns, and knowing what you’ll be dealing with ahead of time will make the task a lot easier.

FIFA 2022 is closing by and we wish you a great event. Join us in making your events one-of-a-kind, with Vega events in Doha, one of the most trusted temporary structures builders in Doha.