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Boasting over 10 years of experience, and working with incredible clients including the Fifa 2022 games, we consider ourselves one of the top events and exhibition contractors in Qatar.


Since our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to creating some of the finest exhibition stands across the country, all of which are uniquely designed for each of our clients to ensure that we capture brand personality and campaign strategy.


To deliver interior solutions that are visually appealing, functional and have quality finishing, we provide fit out contractors to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Additionally, our team holds a specialty in events production as well as in providing safe, best-in-class temporary event structures.




VEGA has a capacity of 52000 square feet of carpentry & signages, 42000 square feet of steel fabrication, including a showroom, offices, storage, graphics, production and fabrication. We call the shots from start to finish because we have total control over the process. With the help of a powerful and creative design team, we are able to deliver high-quality designs to satisfy our clients’ needs while exceeding their expectations.


Vega Solutions delivery quality service with the teamwork of CAD experts, Creative Manager, Designers, Visualizers, AV engineers, Detailers, Accounts Managers, Project Managers, Production and Fabrication experts who can undertake any size of projects.

We create unique designs and ensure quality delivery for our clients to engage and build successful business.



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SQFT Factory Facilities

We deliver best in class Exhibition Stands, Event Production and Interiors in the Qatar.

Considered amongst the top event management companies in Qatar, we deliver best in class solutions and support that the demanding industry needs today.

If it’s to do with Exhibition Stands, Event Production and Interiors it’s to do with Vega Solutions

Our world class designs will help you realize your dreams for the spaces that you want to create. Together with our highly creative Design teams, Project Management & Production team we can provide you with the very best fabrication services


Our Creative Process

We work closely with our clients, agencies and partners to develop custom solutions for your Exhibition Stands, Event Production and Interiors. Vega Solutions project developers immerse themselves in the design process to achieve the highest level of detail to provide guidance around fabrication direction and pricing. The department specialties include research, engineering, estimation, drawings. - Client Visits - Site visits - 3D development - Proposal submission - Materials Samples

Our team of engineers are highly experienced in handling a wide a variety of materials and processes to help optimize your fabrication solutions. Our highly skilled project design and detailing department is responsible for developing highly detailed production drawings that allow our craftspeople to imagine and create all the necessary components while staying as true to the design as possible.  - Detail Drawing - AutoCAD - Production Drawing - BOQ listing

Our team of experienced project managers work closely with clients to bring the most complex ideas to on time delivery within the budget. Every project is allocated to a project manager who is responsible for seeing the project through to final installation. Your project manager will manage all aspects of our scope and assemble a team specific to your requirements. Updates on progress, timelines and budgets will be shared throughout the lifecycle of the project to keep all teams aligned.

Our team brings decades of experience to the work table. We place the highest value on accuracy which is why we invest heavily in machinery for fabrication to improve overall precision, quality, and speed of production for our high-end fabrication projects. Our experienced fabrication team uses a range of high-tech equipment and software to create highly complex and precise components for architectural fabrication projects of all sizes, complexity, and materials.

Vega Solutions is known across industries for our unmatched turnaround times for fabrication and installation. Most project components are pre-fabricated and mocked up in order to achieve efficient onsite installation without errors and minimize install time, for on time delivery with quality.

Our solutions

Event Solutions

Vega Solutions is a one stop shop for event production solutions.  We closely work with Event Agencies and Wedding partners for the production of their event environments.


Exhibition Solutions

Vega Solutions is one of the leaders for custom designed exhibition stands in the Qatar. We provide you with over 10 years in exhibition design, inhouse fabrication….


Temporary Structures Overlay

We provide custom made solutions for temporary event structures for complex local and international…


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Inventions are not recognized for their positive side when they're made. Scientists didn't go out to design a CD machine: they designed a laser. But we got all sorts of things from a laser which we never remotely imagined, and we're still finding things for a laser to do.

Alexander Wang - Fashion designer

Once I tried to make a standardization of staircases. Of course, we design new staircase steps every day in connection with all our houses, but a standardized step depends on the height of the buildings and on all kinds of things.

Paul Rand - Graphic designer