First-timer’s guide to exhibiting in Qatar

Confused about how to start exhibiting your business in Qatar for the upcoming FIFA 2022 or any upcoming event? The fact that businesses can meet possible clients, demonstrate their work to a potential audience and meet their competitors during exhibitions is very much true. Companies can also advertise their work in person during exhibitions. Attending a trade show can help you win the trust of your target audience because exhibits allow you to meet potential customers in person.

If you’ve decided to participate in an exhibition for the first time in Doha and aren’t sure how to make a good first impression, Vega Solutions, one of the leading event contractors in Qatar is the right place to start. This article helps you understand how you can find the right contractors for your trade show from various insights from Vega events. In order to make your first exhibition appearance a success, you must follow the following guidelines:

  • Know your event- FIFA 2022 is nearing and is definitely going to be one of the major branding events for global businesses. If it isn’t about FIFA 2022, then, you should conduct thorough research on the top shows in your sector. After conducting thorough research for the show, you must select one that meets your needs. You should also conduct research on the exhibition in which you intend to participate, as this will help you dispel any bad ideas before setting up a stand or temporary structures in Doha. You can also pre-register your business for the event, as some events have a huge list of exhibitors.

  • Get in touch with contractors-  An exhibition stand, often known as a booth, is critical to the exhibition’s success. You should choose the top Exhibition Stand Contractor in Qatar based on your needs and requirements after selecting an exhibition to attend. To attract expo visitors, you must hire a contractor like Vega Solutions who can provide you with an appealing booth or infrastructure in Doha.

  • Competitor research- Competitor research is required for all exhibitors, including beginners, regardless of where they participate. This study aids you in comprehending your competitors’ actions, both positive and negative. It will also assist you in creating a unique design and presentation for the display. On their social media profiles and official websites, you can access previous exhibition statistics from your competitors. Vega Solutions  have created a signature of its own with customisable solutions that are tailored for your requirement and therefore, we are pretty sure you won’t go wrong with Vega Solutions.

  • Right space- After you’ve decided on an exhibition and Vega Solutions as an event & exhibition contractor in Qatar, you must choose a location where your booth will be visible to all visitors. The optimal location would be near the entrance, centre aisle, or close to the cafeteria, given the cafeteria receives the most people as they enter from the entrance. When choosing an exhibition location, keep in mind the size of your booth stand.

The first time you appear as an exhibitor at a trade show or a major event, it may be nerve-wracking, but by following the recommendations listed above, you may make your first appearance a success. To make your show appearance successful, rely on event contractors like Vega Solutions who are equipped with the best equipment and human resources. Boasting over 10 years of experience and working with incredible clients including the Fifa 2022 , we consider ourselves one of the leading Event, Exhibition and Temporary Structure contractors companies in Qatar.

To deliver Fit out solutions that are visually appealing, functional and have quality finishing, our project and production team members will ensure that everything runs smoothly. Additionally, our team holds a specialty in events production as well as in providing safe, best-in-class temporary event structures in Qatar.